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the Bailey Family

Are you kidding me?? The location (ummm, hello yellow!) . . . . the family . . . all perfect. I couldn’t quite narrow it down more, there were just so many that I loved (although this wasn’t all the fun–I had to stop somewhere!). And I’ve never met a more easy subject than this […]

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the Ward Family

Genes have always been an interesting thing to me–and that’s why photographing families with lots of variety in their genes is a lot of fun. Besides being beautiful, this family is also a lot of fun, so that didn’t hurt . . .

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the Chaney Family

Close friends and great neighbors . . . . sweet girls and really fun parents (hiLARious, even).  Let’s start out with some of their very photogenic girls (one or more of these cute gals may or may not be secretly betrothed to one or more of my boys–we will see how my plans play out):

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