Monthly Archives: July 2012

I can’t decide

Some days, it’s a black and white kind of day. Some days are color. Some days, you look at the face in the photo and can’t give up either one. . . . so you go with both. Today is that kind of day. I’m thinking it may have something to do with this particular […]

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The Sherman Family

I’ve known Heidi for years and YEARS (and more years). I think our friendship began when we were in the same dance class at age five (she probably didn’t know we were friends because I was too shy to let her know). Then there was junior high pom and high school lunches. . . oh, […]

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I remember you . . .

The giddy engagement stage . . . . not hard to remember. Especially when taking photos of two giddy (yes, you were) lovebirds. The camera sure likes them, so enjoy the view!

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